Currently we are not providing Covid 19 vaccines at the surgery and no longer have a supply of any of the Covid 19 vaccines. We recommend signing up to the HSE portal or applying to the local pharmacies who are supplying the vaccine currently. 

If you are still awaiting your vaccine you should look at options being provided by the HSE.

A list of pharmacies administering vaccines can be found HERE

You can find information and links for the HSE portal HERE

For more information on FAQ with up to date posts from NIAC Click Here

Previously we have been using the Moderna  and Pfizer vaccine. Details for both vaccines are below

The HSE leaflet on the Moderna/Pfizer vaccine can be found at the following link

 Moderna vaccine leaflet

Pfizer Vaccine information leaflet

Before the vaccination appointment, we ask that you complete the following checklist and bring it with you to our appointment.


After your vaccine, the medical staff will give you information on aftercare and what to expect in the days after your  vaccine. If you would like to read the information before hand, you can find it at the following link.

Aftercare leaflet Moderna

Aftercare Leaflet Pfizer

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

Q. I have an underlying health problem, can I get the vaccine earlier?

-Yes . Email us with your info. We are now looking for people younger than 60 to add to our list of people at very high risk or high risk of severe Covid infection. If you feel you are in one of these brackets then please email us with your Name, your mobile number , your PPSN, your Doctors name and your condition that puts you in this risk group we will email or phone you with a reply.

Q. What vaccine will I be getting, and can I choose which brand of vaccine I get?

– We understand that we will be getting the Pfizer vaccine going forward. There is no option to choose an alternative brand/vaccine. This is also the case in other countries such as the UK.

Q. How many doses of the vaccine will I need?

– There will be two doses of the vaccine administered 28 days apart.

Q. What are the risks of the vaccine

– All information about the vaccine will be on the HSE website prior to the vaccination and further will be available here prior to the vaccinations

Q. What about patients under 70 with no increased risk?

– While the over 70s age group has been prioritized with the first rollout of vaccines, the HSE have organised a national electronic/online portal to recruit anyone under 70. This is still being changed but can be seen on HSE website. People under 70  will be vaccinated in several mass vaccination clinics which have already started vaccinating .

Astra Zeneca Vaccine information is found at the following link.

Astrazeneca info

Vaccine information resource

vaccine information resource

Vaccine roll out info

Vaccine roll out info