Firstly thank you everyone for all the support we have been receiving over the last few weeks. We appreciate it can be very frustrating for guidelines and procedures to keep changing but we are trying our best to keep you as updated as possible.

New rules have been introduced for COVID-19 testing which means patients will need to meet revised criteria to qualify now.

All patients who have not yet been swabbed, and who do not have an appointment for a test date, will not now be tested and will be required to reengage with their GP if they are still unwell.

If you feel that applies to you, we are asking that you complete our screening form and submit it so we can add you to our call back list.

The screening tool can be found at the following address :

If you are worried that you or someone in your household may be showing symptoms you should read the HSE guidelines and make sure you understand the difference between self isolating and social distancing and what should apply in your household.