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Out of Hour Services

EDOC: out of hours urgent GP Care operates from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday and 24 Hours on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Please call them on (01) 223 4500


The surgery operates on an appointment only system but will of course accommodate emergencies.

Appointments can only be booked over the phone or in person at reception.

Please do not email for appointments.

Medical card and Doctor visit cards for children under 8's and adults over 70's

All children under the age of 8 or adults over the age of 70 are eligible for a doctor visit card.

You must apply by going to www.HSE.ie and follow the instructions given.

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Welcome to Ballinteer Medical

Here you will find more details on each of our services

Repeat Prescription Requests


For all repeat prescription requests, we now require a completed request form, please find it here.

We ask that you please allow 48 hours for us to complete this request after the form has been received.

Also, please note, there is a €20.00 charge for all repeat prescriptions.


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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Should you require Blood pressure monitoring, it is a test that is available in the surgery. 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring means that you must wear a Blood Pressure machine on your arm for 24 hours. The machine automatically records your blood pressure as you go about your daily business. It then gives an accurate record of how your blood pressure is and allows us to treat your Hypertension more effectively and appropriately.

This service is available on the GMS and DVC card.

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Chronic Disease Management

We offer Chronic Disease Management which includes Asthma Care, COPD, Diabetes Care and Heart Care – Ischaemic Heart Disease/ Stroke /Heart Failure. We use the most recent HSE/ICGP guidelines to guide our management of these diseases.

We aim to help you manage your disease effectively so that you can maximise your health and enjoy feeling as well as possible

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Blood Tests

Blood tests can only be ordered by a GP and a consultation is required in most instances.

We offer a phlebotomy service to check your blood tests. There is a charge for this service to cover courier and administrative costs.

We can also complete a blood request form for St Vincents University Hospital for you to have your bloods done there, there is no charge for this service.

We cannot do blood tests on any patient under 14 years of age. We will refer these on to one of the children’s hospitals.

Typically results are back to the surgery between 7 and 10 days.

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Well Woman Check or Well Man Check

Should you wish to have an ‘MOT’ of your health at any stage during your life, we can arrange a 30-minute appointment where we can perform a ‘health-check’ review of your medical history and highlight areas that need to be looked at given your stage in life. We can then tailor and ‘test-schedule’ that is appropriate to your needs.It may include blood tests, 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor, Cryotherapy, Smear, STI screen or other hospital tests.The fee for the 30 minute consultation will be €90. The cost for the tests will be individualised according to your requirements.Please inform the secretary that a ‘well-woman or well man check’ is what you require. We do require a 30 minute slot

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Healthmail: ballinteermedical.gp@healthmail.ie