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Cervical Health

Cervical Health

Nurse Nikki Hogan and Nurse Lani Lebumfacil primarily carry out smear tests here in the surgery,  unless they are part of a consult with a GP.

It is very important to have regular smear tests taken as they may find early changes in the cells at the neck of the womb. The earlier a change is found the easier it is to treat successfully.

To have this free test register with cervicalcheck.ie or phone Cervical Check on 1850 45 45 55. You will then be given a cervical screening ID number. Then make an appointment by phoning the surgery on (01) 507 9977. You will need to bring your PPSN and cervical screening programme ID number to your appointment with you

Please arrange your appointment for on or between days 10-14 of your cycle.